In beautiful countryside, a mixture or woodlands, meadows, wetlands, riverside and golden sandy beaches, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is the perfect location for our North East bootcamp.

Daily or Weekend Bootcamp

We offer leading outdoor fitness training days in Newcastle, which are fun and varied and offer the best way to get fit and lose weight whilst having great fun with other people.  

All our bootcamp classes are run by serving or former members of the Armed Forces, who were Physical Training Instructors in the forces.  They have a great way at helping to motivate and encourage you into fitness, whether a novice or expert!

You can either choose to join us for a day, a couple of days or the weekend.  If you would like us to weigh and measure you at the beginning and end of the weekend, we will happily do so.  You will be given menus for home meals and have the same opportunities to lose weight and inches as if on one of our residential weeks.  Our average loss in a week is 8lbs and 13". 

The Day

These days are the perfect introduction into alternative fun ways to keep fit.  We vary the training throughout the day and include Circuit Training, Team Games, Core Training, Kettle Bell Training and Boxing to name but a few.  The days are open to both Men and Women of all ages and fitness abilities.  You will be able to join in on all activities.  Our training is designed to improve your fitness, stamina and endurance.  Fitness is our Instructors passion and gives them great pleasure to pass on their enthusiasm and knowledge to anyone who is willing to listen and put in the effort to achieve their goals!  They have a wealth of knowledge, empathy, care and consideration and a love of making training fun.


Saturday - Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm


The Bootcamp includes your lunch and snacks.

Daily from £75.00

Saturday and Sunday £125.00