FIT Kidz has changed its name. We are now FIZZ Bugs and our mission is to educate, motivate and coach children to gain the confidence to start new beginnings.

What is included?

  • PPA Cover
  • Change for Life 10 programme
  • After School Clubs
  • After School Clubs
  • School Holiday Camps
  • Sports specific coaching
  • Team Building
  • All programmes fully inclusive
  • Fun FIZZ Challenges

Working with Plymouth Primary Schools and the PSSP

We offer our exciting ​FITKidz​ 'Change 4 Life' programme to all Primary schools within the Plymouth area.​  We have been offering FIT Kidz sessions for over six years​.  We understand the importance of having fun whilst exercising and giving children opportunities to try new skills.  Helping every child from a young age to enjoy being active, whatever that activity might be, is the beginning of a life change.  So often children are put of exercise ​from a very young age as if they are not good at one sport, they feel they won't be good at any other and are less likely to try anything else.  This is where our knowledge, experience and skills help change that mindset.​

The programme ​can be adapted to suit your pupil and school day needs but as an example, we are delivering ​a 10 day, one hour ​package to ​one school during the pupils lunch hour.​  At another school, we ran a programme during the years PE lessons​.  We can combine the programme so that all the key sessions are still taught, whether that is over a few weeks or over a term time.

Growing up healthy and strong
The sessions are designed to increase the children's awareness of how important exercise and a healthy balanced diet are within their daily lives. They will also gain important knowledge about the food they eat, learning to categorise individual ingredients into the major food groups.

Leadership, team and confidence building
There are also periods which include simple leadership tasks where the teams have to work together to reach a solution to the problem given. These type of exercises are designed to increase confidence within the children and when combined with physical exercise create an enormous sense of well being, especially for some children that may not necessary enjoy the curriculum P.E. classes or maybe lack confidence when joining in with other pupils.

Fully inclusive
The feedback from all schools is that our programmes are a great success.  100% of the schools that have used our course have rebooked.  They are inclusive for all pupils, fun, informative and provide additional supportive ways of educating in a varied way. We would like the opportunity to work with you and provide a programme to support your pupils.  We are providing PPA cover, after school clubs, 10 day Change 4 Life programmes, FIT Fun Games Challenges and Holiday Camps.  Our programmes are helping schools achieve awards.