FIT Facts

Here are a few facts that make our Bootcamps a unique and great value experience.

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    All of our instructors are British military Physical Training Instructors, so you can be sure you are being trained by the best in the World !

  • Our Chef at FIT Bootcamp only uses locally sourced ingredients for his fantastic menu.

  • Our average inch loss from our last 2 Bootcamps is 14"

  • The biggest weight loss trained by our Instructors was 22lbs and 23" in a week!

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    A well rested, well fuelled body will perform at a higher intensity level for longer. That is the state your body will be in at FIT Bootcamp.

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    FIT Bootcamp Staff have over 60 years combined experience working with fitness.

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    Regular weight bearing exercise helps reduce the onset of osteoporosis in later life.

  • You are taller in the morning because of increased spinal disk hydration while you sleep.

  • We are an approachable, friendly team.

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    100% of our 'Bootcampers' would and have recommended us to others