About us

Wrigley 318

Who are we?

We are a team of serving or former Military Physical Training Instructors who have come together to create a training experience with a difference.  FIT Bootcamp offers a training experience led by the company's founders and owners who pride themselves in building long term client relationships by offering on-going advice and support before, during and after our training weeks.  We offer a uniquely person-centred approach, focusing on individual needs, understand the nature of personal challenges, and give continuous and unstinting encouragement.  We hope to make your time with us literally a “life changing experience”.  We know exactly how far we can push you to help make you realise that you are capable of so much more.

Our Philosophy

Being fit isn't just about body beautiful or losing unwanted pounds.  Our philosophy is that achieving greater fitness helps people realise much more out of their life and for longer - in work or at play.  Being fit means looking in the mirror and asking 'have I realised my potential today?'  We will help you to answer 'yes.'  There are no easy fixes - the reality is the lessons taught by our training team must be learnt for life to have lasting value.  We can help you make this change.

Fitness is our passion and it gives us great pleasure to pass on our enthusiasm and knowledge to anyone who is willing to listen and to put in the effort to achieve their goals.  Fitness means improved function, longevity, feeling good about yourself and achieving much more.  Fitness? It simply enhances life.

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